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4 ways to tame your IP on Amazon

You can accidentally see some very nasty images browsing the internet. You’ve just seen one that you can’t get out of your head. It’s small, low resolution, badly lit and …oh no, it certainly doesn’t comply with your brand guidelines! In fact, didn’t you discontinue that particular pack variant in 2009?

Product images for your brand can proliferate on online market places such as Amazon and Ebay which are now significant sales channels. Not only can they damage the hard work that you’ve put into developing and managing your brand, they can also damage your, and your distributors, SEO as the massive weight given to online market place trumps your organic results, while intense price competition drives down your RRP.

But don’t despair – this is a situation that you can actually control:

  1. Set your boundaries. Take a strategic decision on how and where you’re happy for your IP (and this can be anything from product images through to content and even down to barcode!) to appear
  2. Register you IP with marketplaces – Amazon and eBay both have programmes to help you!
  3. Take action – Amazon and eBay will both work swiftly to enforce your IP boundaries but it’s really important that all of your distributors are also aware of your guidelines.
  4. Be vigilant – don’t forget to keep an eye open for future IP abuse by monitoring.


Now you can sleep at night, knowing that your brand is safe!

For more information on managing IP on online marketplaces, contact Birtley Digital.

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