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The Great Amazon Brand Registry Paradox

The Amazon Brand Registry has just given sellers new food for thought.

Brand Registry is the usual route for sellers wishing to protect a brand on Amazon. This service lets you assert ownership of your IP in Amazon’s Marketplace.  If you completed this some time ago, well done you! You can now sit back and enjoy the Great Amazon Brand Registry Paradox!

Brand Registry used to be a great way to protect your brand on Amazon (see 4 Ways to Tame your IP on Amazon and Channel Advisor’s comprehensive summary of Amazon’s Brand Registry).

The deal is that you register your brand with Amazon (easy if you’ve got a Trademark registration).  This then prevents sellers infringing your IP by misusing your brand.  It also gives you control over images and listings for your products – even down to protecting your barcode numbers from misuse! You can’t use it to stop other sellers listing against your ASINs but it is a great step in the right direction if you want to control your IP and get a grip on maintaining your RRP on online marketplaces.

Until Amazon made a small yet sneaky change to the brand registration process….

If you sign up to Brand Registry on Amazon now, you need to tell Amazon whether you make your products available to third parties. If you do, you must commit to making your products available to Amazon Retail should they require it.  If maintaining your RRP online is important to you, this needs careful consideration!

Great Amazon Brand Registry Paradox

A technician measures brand performance in our laboratory.

So welcome to the Great Amazon Brand Registry Paradox! If your brand isn’t registered yet, you can now only protect your brand on Amazon through Brand Registration if you are willing to agree to supply directly to Amazon Retail….maybe that’s more of a dilemma than a paradox?

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