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Amazon Reviews: AMZTracker Review Club

AMZTracker Review Club – following on from my ‘3 Ways to Get Amazon Feedback‘ post, this is a detailed look at generating Amazon reviews with

I set about trialling AMZTracker with a single product from a live Amazon store.  The product had only 1 review and sales performance was poor.  This product sold better in retail stores and a similar design sold well on Amazon.

The first step in using AMZTracker Review Club is to set up an offer for the product in Amazon Seller Central.  In this case, a promotional code was generated to offer the product free to AMZTracker Review Club subscribers. Then 25 promotional units were made available free to subscribers. This is a low value niche product so giving it away free isn’t a big deal in the interests of scientific research!  But would that mean it would attract very little interest? Let’s see…

They key things I was looking to find out wanted to test were:

  • how quickly would the promotional units be taken up?
  • how quickly would Amazon reviews be received?
  • what impact would this have on the product’s performance?
  • how could this be used to increase product sales?

How easy is it to use AMZTracker Review Club? Very easy to use! If you are competent at setting up promotional codes in Amazon Seller Central, setting up your offer to Review Club members in AMZTracker is a piece of cake.  All elements of the promotion are controllable so you are always in control of the promotion.

How quickly would the promotional items be taken up? My concern here was whether AMZTracker Review Club had sufficient critical mass in the UK.  I was quite literally astonished by the speed at which subscribers responded –  requests started coming in as soon as the promotion went live and easily exceeded the 25 promotional units within 24 hours.  AMZTracker is totally controllable and the seller must authorise the promotional offer to each respondent.  I authorised most of the requests within 1 hour and found that respondents ordered their promotional item pretty much immediately.  I was also pretty indiscriminate about who I authorised – I really allowed all subscribers to have a promotional item unless they had no review history or hadn’t completed their profile.

How quickly would reviews be received? Again, pretty quickly! Most recipients had completed their Amazon product reviews within a week and many left store level feedback too. The quality of the reviews was really good – very detailed and, thank you guys!, with images (check them out here!). I found that out of the 25 respondents, only 18 completed reviews.   Had I been more discriminating about which subscribers were given the offer, I’m sure that the drop out rate here would have been lower.

Sales Ranking chart for Amazon reviews test product

Sales Ranking chart shows impact of increase traffic and Amazon Reviews on test product

What was the impact on the product’s performance? Again, this was immediate and dramatic – the product went from having an extremely low sales ranking to being at the top of its category. Unfortunately for this particular product, the higher visibility given by the improved sales ranking didn’t translate into immediate sales.  Sales Ranking has started to erode quite quickly after the promotion.

Conclusion: So, AMZTracker Review Club works – it can generate great Amazon reviews and improve sales rankings. This is not going to be a universal panacea to increase sales but it can be used tactically, for instance:

  • improving visibility for newly launched products
  • generating review history for new products/small brands
  • short-term improvement of Sales Rankings to support key sales window e.g. Christmas/Halloween, promotion etc

I’ve used it as pretty blunt tool just to see how it works – this is a test, after all!. In reality, AMZTracker Review Club can be used with skill and precision to improve product visibility on Amazon.


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