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AMZTracker UK reviewed by Delphinia

An Amazon ranking check tool that works for! Delphinia gets excited about AMZTracker UK.

It’s great to find software for Amazon sellers that is supported across European marketplaces – this week, my new toy is AmzTracker UK so I thought a brief review would help other sellers. Brief review! This product has a lot of functionality so I’m going to review each one in turn, starting today with the Ranking Check function.

Before we get started, I just wanted to say account set up is a piece of cake and getting started with it is easy – this is a plus for me as I would rather dive in than read instructions – let’s face it, if you’re an Amazon seller, chances are you just don’t have time!  On the downside, support articles are pretty limited – which you can also view as a good thing because it’s not complicated!

The starting point with this software is to upload a list of ASINs that you sell against – or are aiming to sell again. Pretty easy – for ASINs that you sell against, just download you ASIN list from Seller Central and paste it into the AmzTracker (and no, I’m not going to do a geeky step-by-step!).  The key thing here is to make sure you select which Amazon market place you want it to check for these ASINs – if you’re selling in multiple Amazon marketplaces, you’ll need to upload the list for each marketplace.

This is where the fun starts – AMZTracker will now upload your ASINs and have a good think about them.  Be patient – AMZtracker is collating data from the 800 lb gorilla that we all know and love, so it can be a little slow.  For each ASIN, it will return the listing image, title, ASIN, category and sales rank.  It monitors how sales rank changes over time so you can see which products are up and which are down – it even provides you with cute graphs, and who doesn’t love a cute graph!

These are all useful things to see and it helps that there is a search function on this page to let you find products that you’ve uploaded.  You can sort data on screen by product title, sales ranking and date listed.

If you have a few hundred products, you’ll probably be quite happy with this tool. If you have thousands of SKUs, you will find yourself wishing for some bulk editing tools. You can export the data into Excel using a crude ‘copy and paste’ but it’s a bit of a fiddle to turn it into a useable spreadsheet.

AMZTracker UK

An early Rankometer monitors performance.

So on the whole, I’d rate the Rankings tool as useful and easy to use, especially because you can import as many ASINs as you like for the minimum monthly fee. But there are some features on Ranking Check that I would really love – so three wishes from the AMZTracker fairy would be:

  1. Bulk product delete function – you can currently only delete products one by one so this is time consuming
  2. Data export function so that you can manage
  3. Ability to upload ASINS or EANs as this would allow me to check rankings on products that I haven’t creating a listing for you but maybe will….if it has a good sales ranking!

You can trial AMZTracker UK free so have a play!


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