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Are my products are in the Amazon BuyBox?

Delphinia helps you monitor your Amazon BuyBox performance.

Seller Central gives you lots of ways to monitor your Amazon BuyBox presence. If you’re new to Seller Central, let me show you the two methods that I use the most:

  1. This is the quickest way to check your position against the Amazon Buy Box!

Go to Seller Central, Click on Inventory/Manage Inventory.

You’ll need to make sure you have set up your page to display Lowest Price and Buy Box price. If you haven’t, click the Preferences button, select these from the menu and they will now display.

If you are selling at the Lowest Price, you will usually be in BuyBox (although not always!). If the BuyBox price matches your price, you will usually be in BuyBox.  This report just gives you a snapshot in time – it’s not the best way to look at BuyBox – you might be in BuyBox one minute but out the next!

2.Here’s a more detailed way to check whether you are in the Amazon BuyBox over time.

Go to Reports/Business Reports. You can add Amazon BuyBox stats to any of these reports – I tend to use Detail Page Sales and Traffic so select this from the left hand menu.

Amazon BuyBox measurements

A laboratory assistant monitors BuyBox performance.

You can add and delete columns from this chart by pulling out the menu – this is quite well hidden at the right hand side of the page. Pull it out and check the things that you want displayed – making sure that you check BuyBox.  Once you’ve added this to the chart, you will be able to sort your data by BuyBox percentage – I like to see the lowest performing products first! You will also be able to change the time frame that you’re viewing the data over.

Download our .pdf guide for more detail.

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