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New Amazon shipping settings: step-by-step guide

New Amazon shipping settings are being rolled out to Amazon sellers in Europe.

If you’ve been offered the new Amazon shipping settings, don’t be afraid to migrate! Many sellers are holding back because migration is irreversible (once you’ve chosen to move to the new settings, you can’t go back!) and because Amazon haven’t told them in detail what the new settings involve.

This blog post aims to tell you exactly what migration to the new Amazon shipping settings involves and how it will benefit you. sellers have previously only been able to offer two shipping options (usually standard and expedited) and have had some limited scope to customise these using shipping over-rides. Shipping over-rides are useful but a bit of a nightmare as they are almost impossible to get rid of once applied!  All of this meant that Amazon was way behind eBay, with its comprehensive shipping options, on its ability to offer buyers and sellers choice in shipping.

Amazon have aimed to address this issue by developing new Amazon shipping settings.  If you’ve been offered the new shipping options, don’t be afraid! Just migrate – this is what will happen:

1. Migrate:

Your old shipping options will vanish and be replaced by the new shipping options – this will give you a Default Shipping Option which you can customise to reflect your old 2 option shipping template (standard and expedited).  These rules will then be applied to all of your products.  This will also mean that any shipping over-rides that you had previously applied will vanish – don’t worry, this is a good thing as Amazon are giving you a more manageable way to deal with these.

New Amazon Shipping Settings template

New Amazon Shipping Options template


2. Set your Default Options: your Default Shipping Option doesn’t have just 2 options – it has more! These include: standard, expedited, international (standard and expedited) with country-level selection. If you’re eligible to offer additional premium shipping services (24 and 48 hour), these will appear here.  Use this Default Shipping Option template to set up your standard costs and select your standard shipping destinations. These will be applied to all of your inventory.

3. Add additional shipping options: You can now add additional Shipping Options – international only, expedited only, free shipping, non-PO, heavy weight items. Have fun, test and experiment

4. Allocate products to shipping options: Now for the fun bit – you can move products really easily from one group to the other. This can be done an an individual product basis through your control panel or – this is the bit I like! – in bulk via product imports. To run a bulk move, just go to Inventory > Inventory Report > Active Listings Report. This now has a column which tells you which shipping option a product has been allocated to: merchant-shipping-group. To change the shipping option for a group of products, just put the sku and new shipping group name into an upload template and re-upload it. Your products will now magically move to a new shipping group!

5. Customise additional marketplaces. If you are selling in additional European marketplaces, you will have new shipping options for each marketplace. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each marketplace – remember that products can be allocated to different shipping groups in each marketplace giving you a huge variety of options and choices!

If you have any questions about Amazon’s new shipping options, just use the form below to Ask Delphinia!

2 thoughts on “New Amazon shipping settings: step-by-step guide

  1. Chris

    It seems obvious but I presume these only apply to merchant fulfilled and not FBA

    1. Delphinia Post author

      Hi Chris, you are correct! The new shipping settings are only applicable to Merchant Fulfilled stock – Amazon are in control of thee for all FBA stock. DB

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