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Schrödinger’s cat and the Amazon BuyBox

So, just how is the Amazon BuyBox like Schrödinger’s cat?

This is just a quick follow up on my earlier post about monitoring your products vs Amazon BuyBox.

In his famous thought experiment, Schrödinger’s cat was confined in a box and could have been either dead or alive (or even dead and alive at the same time – stay calm, this is just a thought experiment and no actual cats were harmed in the making of this question!) until the box is opened and reality is revealed.

Well, the same goes for Amazon’s Buy Box! Until someone actually looks at your product, it is neither in nor out of the Buy Box. The Buy Box only becomes a reality when the product is viewed.

So if you’re looking at your metrics and wondering why a particular product doesn’t appear, it’s because this product wasn’t viewed in the time-frame you’ve chosen!

Amazon BuyBox measurements

A technician monitors Amazon BuyBox stats.

To interrogate that particular product further, try expanding the time-frame that you’re monitoring the product over. If it still doesn’t appear, it’s time to ask serious questions about how easy the product is to find on Amazon and to address its searchability!

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